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been wonderin' where i've been?

i have been around.

there has been a lot of life changes for us. the first and most stressful was my partner's mother hospitalizations and surgeries. it was a long and hard time and she passed away last month right before mothers day. so we have been dealing with that and the after effects.

i have been having health issues myself and with the price of everything going up and up had to get a job outside the house.

but we are moving through everything and hanging in there.

i will be updating more now that things are feeling more under control and settled.

we are experiencing hot weather here in upstate new york and that is wearing me out. thank goddess for the a/c!!!



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Jun. 11th, 2008 08:27 pm (UTC)
good to hear from you! it is indeed crazy hot - it was worse in teaneck which is where i have been the past few days. sorry to hear about your partner's mother. that must be hard. hope things feel settled for you soon
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