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stolen from sweetcharity

Yes, morning is my time of the day. Early morning...I love it. I like to wake up and take my time getting on with my day. Since I like to get stuff done early I like to rise early so I have more time in the day.

Anyway...I haven't posted much lately. It has been rainy around here lately and I have been enjoying it.

I just finished mopping the floors and now I have to do some dishes and that is that for the day.

The one good thing I have noticed is that I have been doing really good at grocery shopping...stocking up on stuff and buying more with coupons and sales. Therefore I don't have to grocery shop as much...just to pick up a random perishable thing here and there.

That makes me happy.

The thing that doesn't make me happy is I have noticed that my carbon monoxide detector goes sometimes off when I used my Swiffer Wet Jet. It has happened at least three times. I wasn't sure why it would happen but I finally realized today it does it when I use that damn thing.

That is scary. I am not sure what is in that cleaning stuff but I am gonna get me one of these as soon as I can afford it.