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today i must...

~tend to the office/laundry room. how fast it can get out of control.

~vacuum livingroom and walkways

~clean the bathroom


~make baked spaghetti for dinner

I am getting a late start doing all of these things. I spent way too much time catching up on email and perusing online communities I don't visit often.

Okay...onward and upward with...stuff...

feeling behind

I am feeling behind on everything...even though I really am not behind. I guess it is just that I am struggling with a back and neck ache that won't go away (for a couple of weeks now) and PMS.

For today:
a load of laundry (in the washer)
clean bathroom
dust and vacuum
figure out dinner
make a couple of phone calls about taxes and work

I haven't been really good at keeping with the meal planning as I should be. Maybe tomorrow I can concentrate enough to create plan for the next couple of weeks. Tonights dinner, I think, will be chicken salad sandwiches...which sounds really yummy to me right now for some reason.

Maybe I will bake some bread. The smell of baking bread always raises my spirits...even though eating too much of it makes me sick. LOL.

Getting back to planners....I found this blog with pics of a lovely planner this woman made. I have done BOS's like this...covered three-ring binders in fabric and made pockets and such. Why didn't I think of this for a homemakers planner? Great idea!

Hot Coupon World


I just found this site. Actually I found it a long time ago but haven't really dug into it until today.

Holy moly this place is filled with the most hard-core couponin' people ever. This makes me want to get more serious about coupon clipping just to see how much I can save.

Tons of information and tips. Find out how to save the most at specific stores. Trade coupons. Find coupons. Learn how to get stuff for free.

So far this is the best site I have found for coupon information...it is free (and that is for me) and it has more information than you can shake a stick at.

Definitely check it out but be ready to be slightly overwhelmed.

I plan on tackling it a little each day.

Their forum on stockpiling is out of this world. Anyone who knows me knows I am slightly obsessed with emergency preparedness.  I haven't been able to stash away much due to trying to make ends meet for just day to day needs. I have learned a lot on this forum alone on how to stock up for little or no money.

Check out the stockpiling pictures thread.

today's food test

I wanted to make some kind of fried-but-not-fried-chicken. So I decided to take the box of brown rice cereal out the cupboard and crush some up. I added seasoning and plan on coating the chicken with that. Let's see if it works. Hey it works with corn flakes...so why not? LOL.

Besides that we are having roasted red potatoes and squash. I am too tired to do anything other than that today. It can all go in the oven at the same time and voila DINNER!

I am wondering if there is a bulk food store around these parts. I would really like to go back to buying stuff by bulk and limit the containers we are recycling and throwing away. Plus it is cheaper. When I lived in Minneapolis there was a co-op that had a great bulk food section...everything you can think of even soap and cat litter. I miss that.

Seems I need to do an internet search...


office de-cluttering in pics

Yesterday's mission was accomplished. I got the office/laundry room/cat room de-cluttered and more organized.

Most of what I got rid of was paper that either needed to be filed or thrown out. I moved everything and dusted and vacuumed so it feels much better.

Here are some pics...before and after...Collapse )

So that is that. Next week I am tackling my bedroom closet which involves getting some craft stuff more organized...again. I have done this a couple of times but can't seem to get it all into an order that is workable for me. This is the downfall of living in such a small space.

I made D rolls the other day. She loves to take pictures of my homemade cooking.

Today's dinner is bean and rice enchiladas. I soaked the black beans over night and now they are cooking on the stove with a little of the chicken stock leftover from the chicken I cooked the other day. Smells yummy in here.

Still working on planning my planner. Maybe I will take some time today to really sit down and figure out how I want it all laid out. It feels like one of those lazy days where sitting and thinking is a lot of fun!

more planner planning

I found this blog with a fun vintage planner created by the blogger.

From there I found the link to DIY Planner and they have tons of free-to-print planner and calendar page for various things. Definitely a good resource!

Today I am busy de-cluttering the office/laundry room. This tiny room is my home office, laundry room and cat room considering the litter box is in here and the cats love to look out the window in this room.

It is a challenge to keep it organized and lately it has been driving me crazy. So my goal is to get rid of a bunch of clutter and see where that leads.

edited to add: I came across another planner site..Household Notebook...great ideas and free-to-print stuff too.

Money Saving Mom

The Money Saving Mom blog is a great way to find deals and frugal tips. I have a CVS Extra Care card that I never used until I read that blog.

Today I am heading out to CVS with my card and some coupons I found on that blog.

Also...there is a great $15 off a $15 purchase at Lane Bryant coupon found here. (good through 1/13). My mother gave me a Lane Bryant gift card for Christmas so I plan on using them both this weekend.


I have always kept a calendar/planner for work and appointments and stuff. Recently I have seen that I need to also keep to-do lists and notes on everything. Call it old age or whatever but my mind is a sieve lately.

So, I have been online searching out household planners and organization. I have come across a few that I like but don't have everything I need. My goal is to come up with my own that is specific to me and has everything that I need in a planner.

Here are some links to inspirations:
Yearbook for the HomeKeeper - love the vintage look
Brocante Home Chronicales HouseKeepers Planner - another lovely vintage one 
Motivated Moms
Organized Home - some good tips and info

For mine I need:
a calendar with holidays and moon phases
to-do lists
work schedule
housewifey/cleaning schedule
grocery list and shopping info
important numbers and info
a place to take notes
craft and creative section

It needs to be portable. The big binder isn't going to work for me. I like to have one place for everything and I like to carry it with me. Things like important household papers, manuals, lists can stay at home in a binder.

So that is the beginnings of my brain-storming for this project.

Oh yeah...and it has to be cute!

snack food ideas

I need to come up with some easy, cheap, healthy snack foods with a shelf life. Something like granola or crackers but wheat free. These past few weeks I have been eating way too much wheat and am now feeling the effects of that. Blech. So this means finding something that I can snack on every few hours to keep me from feeling woozie.

I am thinking:
Nuts (although I am allergic to most. Almonds I am okay with though)
Dried Fruit (which I could mix with the nuts for a trail mix type of thing. not sure how expensive it is though. note to self to check next time i am shopping)

and that is all I can think of right now. Hmmm...there has to be something else on this list. Yogurt and fresh fruit is always good but it goes bad too easily. I am wanting something I can buy a lot of and have on hand. I will have to do some research online because my brain obviously isn't cooperating with me at this time. LOL.

on the to-do list for this week and next week:

make appointments for a bunch of doctor stuff
plan kitchen cabinet re-arranging (still haven't figured out what is going to work for me yet)
make laundry soap
catch-up on laundry
re-arrange and clean out dresser and closet (which means getting rid of some stuff and re-constructing other stuff)
menu plan
grocery shop
stage two of organizing craft boxes

heard last night...

while watching the ball drop in times square

dawn: we will go there someday.
me: nah. i have no desire to go to times square on new years eve. now if you want to go to brazil for the festa de iemanja then i am all into that. that is more exciting to me.